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Here at TalentedWritersGuild, we encourage deviants to select only their best pieces of literature for submission. We look for pieces that simultaneously move us, challenge us, and inspire us as readers; pieces that stimulate us emotionally and intellectually; and the pieces that display true technical skill. To ensure this level of quality, we have judges who consider all these things, and let only the pieces they deem up to snuff through to the gallery. The purpose of this is to push our submitters to excel, challenge themselves, and improve their craft, and to provide our readers with high quality literature to read.

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:star: Previous Admin Hall of Fame :star:

mellowghost founded #TWG and recruited the first panel of admin. #TWG would not be here without him!

OritPetra served as Founder for more than a year, and used her mad lit community skills to increase our outreach. She was also one of the first admin recruited by mellowghost.

nngross was one of the first admin recruited by mellowghost and is the second-longest serving admin, at 2+years!

Emocinderella was one of the first admin recruited by mellowghost; she served as voting admin for more than a year!

angelStained served as an admin for over a year.

beautyinreview served as an admin for over a year.

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Rules and Guidelines.

- 1 -
Above all else, respect your fellow deviants. TalentedWritersGuild is a place for the collection, discussion, encouragement, and improvement of high quality literature. To truly achieve this goal we must all work together to create a safe and positive environment conducive to personal and creative growth. As such, inflammatory or violent behavior, personal attacks, and disrespect will not be tolerated. Intelligent debates and level critiques, however, are warmly welcomed as long as the participating/receiving deviants are open to them.

- 2 -
Select only your best work for submission. All work must be literature-based. You are also more than welcome to submit the work of other deviants as well. If you see a quality piece that deserves more recognition, please send it our way!

- 3 -
Please understand that your work will be subject to a judging process. Not all work makes it through. This does not mean that your piece is "bad." Please respect the judges' decisions and do not harass them. Belligerent or violent behavior will result in banning. See below for a further discussion of the judging process.

- 4 -
Submissions are limited to two poems and one prose piece per week, and two chaptered submissions per month (i.e. biweekly). This is to ensure quality rather than quantity. Anything in excess of this will be automatically declined. All piece must be submitted to the appropriate folder. Incorrectly submitted pieces will be automatically denied.

- 5 -
The only form of literature we will not consider is fan fiction. This is not a judgment on the art of fan writing. Rather, it is simply because our judges are not familiar enough with the vast variety of fandoms out there to be able to properly judge the work. Please see here for a further discussion of the reasoning behind this decision.

- 6 -
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide feedback on declined submissions. This is for two reasons: 1. The work submitted here should be your best. Not a rough draft, not a work-in-progress, not the latest poem you dashed off that your best friend thinks is brilliant. It should be edited, polished, as finished as it's going to be. and 2. The judges are busy people. They put a lot of time and effort into judging each submission, and they also have outside commitments as well. There are, however, several groups around that are completely devoted to feedback and critique, and we encourage you to participate in those as well.


The judges here at TalentedWritersGuild are: LadyofGaerdon, angeljunkie, nngross, QuiEstInLiteris, LadyLincoln, GrimFace242, and TwilightPoetess. This team was carefully selected to bring together deviants with differing literary styles, approaches, and preferences. This has and does promote active behind-the-scenes discussion on the pieces we receive, culminating in a voting process that involves the careful consideration of each and every piece's strengths and weaknesses. If, for example, we are not certain how we would like to vote on a certain piece, we will discuss it with each other, reaching a decision through teamwork, critical analysis, and, sometimes, gut feelings and intuition. This helps to alleviate some of the difficulties that arise from the esoteric and subjective nature of deciding what constitutes 'quality' literature.

To pass into our gallery, every submission, including those of the admins, are subjected to a 3 yes/ no vote. We ask you to keep this in mind if your piece is declined. A rejection does not mean that your piece is not 'quality literature.' It simply means that three admins voted 'no' on it. Two of us very well could have voted 'yes' and, indeed, submissions often come down to the wire like this. Rejection is a part of writing, both here and (even more so) professionally, and we request that you accept this before deciding to submit your work for consideration. If your work is declined, please do not take offense, argue the decision, or behave disrespectfully towards the judges. We make our decisions carefully, and as long as you appreciate that, we'll get on famously.

All decisions made on submissions are final, but we do encourage you to seek out critique and resubmit after changes have been made.

Thank you for your interest in TalentedWritersGuild. We hope to read your pieces, see you around, and get to know you. Take care and be well.


 Hello, and welcome!

TwilightPoetess here; with help and advice from some of the other wonderful admin, I am bringing back the

Featured Deviant of the Month 

for :icontalentedwritersguild:

That's right, get excited! I know we are!

TalentedWritersGuild is a literature group committed to the encouragement, collection, and archival of high quality prose and poetry works. To find out more about the group, please click here.

 Here at TalentedWritersGuild, we encourage deviants to select only their best pieces of literature for submission. As judges, we look for pieces that simultaneously move us, challenge us, and inspire us as readers; pieces that stimulate us emotionally and intellectually; and the pieces that display true technical skill. When we vote, we consider all these things, and let only the pieces we deem up to snuff through to our gallery. This pushes our submitters to excel, challenge themselves, and improve their craft, and provides our readers with high quality literature to read. 

The Featured Deviant of the Month is a member whose submissions meet and surpass this criteria.   

 October's Featured Member of the Month is...


A prolific writer, xXI-Feel-InfiniteXx consistently puts out high-quality poetry and prose.  With a soft spot toward pieces that leave the readers thinking, Kelsy's work is bound to spawn not only questions, but strong emotional ties.

xXI-Feel-InfiniteXx has 13 pieces in our gallery to date! :clap: If you aren't familiar with her work yet, maybe you should acquaint yourself with some of these pieces first!

Serpents have nothing on your biteyou are poisonous. fingers leave corrosive trails
over my back, tongue presses toxic burns to my
temples. you set fires over my ribs, emerald flames.
tar coats your lungs, venom spitting up your throat
and i wonder why i always fall in love with plagues rather
than cures.
  8 things optimism taught mei.   I told him I wouldn’t write sad poetry if he gave me a reason, and he gave me three, pressing kisses to my temples, letting his shoulders lean against mine like trees into a breeze.
ii.   He told me that some poems don’t need words, beauty doesn’t always require eyes. He told me there is poetry in the slats of light encased within our interlaced fingers, that there is beauty in the slow passing of dancing minute and hour hands.
iii.   I told him that I only saw poetry in the stamps emblazoned within my passport. He said that I was running from so-called misery, not stopping to see that sadness was a mesh, a filter, over happiness - that it was temporary, removable, transient.
iv.   I told him that I only saw beauty in a woman sat in a café across from her handbag, as if it was the love of her life. He said that the beauty lay in how she thought the crumbs left discarded by her coffee cup spelt her soulmate’s name.
v.   I
  Stitch in timeI see old women on rattan chairs, knees draped with the tapestries of todays and tomorrows. Square-nails, candlewax fingers, everything they hold shakes, as if the glasses are electrified, the plates singing, the cutlery howling for an escape. But they all hold the needles steady. In a line, I watch them dance in unison, threads looping in endless figures of eight. Sometimes I wonder if they have tied invisible strings between them, puppets in a row. Their hands dip, eyes clenched on every stitch, lips tight like a draw-string purses, spinning in a kind of ballet. But then one falters, with cotton too thick to glide through, one glances up at me, letting their work happen without thought.
I watch them gather the torn shreds of tomorrows from wicker baskets at their feet. Some pieces are violent purples, pompous processions and velvet lined mouths, others are watercolours of blue, faint mornings when veils wave, leaving the world distorted and spectral. Todays lie scattered amongst thes
  BPM can only tell you so muchAll my life, I have called you Point A, tried to
calculate how far I am from you, constantly
racing towards the horizon, trying to stop on
an even number. But metre sticks can only
measure so much, and our arm spans, radiating
from our compass feet, do not intersect.  You
say that is far enough but I long to twirl on long
wooden legs back to Venn diagrams, where our
lines overlapped, where I could trace along your
curves, instead there are other circles holding
your infinite angles, and others let their lines
slip into mine. I pretend I am not staring back at
you, wondering if it is metres, miles, or millimetres.
(When we stand with our feet locked together, your
spine bends, concave, while I lean, convex. The fit is
never quite right, the heights and angles are all
wrong and I try not to notice your eyes gazing
at the horizon for better curves, better sizes.)
I treated you as an axis, a pivot, weighed up everything
by how your arms tipped, how you leaned. The years
piled up as le
  A fleet of 'maybes', a navy of 'what ifs'We were ships passing in an open bay,
our red sails melting like an eclipse;
in that moment, we filtered out all light
and let our eyes glow from beneath our lids;
but moments are fleeting and ships pass
and our anchors drop in the close embrace
of other harbours.


As part of the reconstruction regarding this article, we are now ALSO including a selection of quality writing chosen each month by the Admin for feature here.

Body SociopoliticBody Sociopolitic (6'3" In Stilettos and 122 lbs. Last Year)
7, 8, I can't remember
A group of boys knock me down on the playground and steal my glasses. They give them back by the end of recess.
Skinny legs from dance and soccer.
#1 tells me I'm beautiful. He is three years older and teaches me orthography and the language of my body.
A girl in PE class asks if I shave my legs. Later that year, I start.
The school librarian says I could be a hand model. Wristbone like a burial hill, tendons that flex when I draw, long fingers tipped with long nails my friends envy.
None of the boys at school look at me.
My friend says someone asked if she shaves her arms. Our arms match our thick brown hair and we wonder who the hell would bother.
A girl in CAPP class with too many accessories says I could be a model. Skinny arms, skinny legs. Ribs and hip bones and collarbones poke through my skin.
A boy in PE class from the hockey team

From angeljunkie -- "It's very real in a beautiful way, and that's not an easy balance to strike."

FallingI sometimes wonder whether I truly exist. Scientists tell us that we are ruining the Earth, slowly eradicating species from the planet like a checklist, one by one. Humans aren’t worth this paradise we call Earth. We’re merely pawns in an ever-expanding game of chess, and we’re losing. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I even bother.
My father used to say, “We shall always stay true to our form. We don't look at ourselves as individuals, but rather as a collective whole that are just sheep being flocked together by an invisible sheppard.”  Yet narrating my own story seems pointless. Especially if I'm just part of the flock. But sometimes it's necessary. Or perhaps the fates, or even the Gods, are playing a game with me, just like Calypso in Greek mythology, being punished for who I am.  
I stood at the edge of the concourse and watched as the train came to a halt. There were teenagers with their skateboards headbutting each other – a challe

From TwilightPoetess -- "
The imagery is great and I love how open-ended and up to interpretation it is!"

CatharsisSilver ink flowed through September's veins
and bled, finally, at her finger-tips.
She had pricked herself on the red thorns
of that blue 8th day rose, and,
sweetly suckling on her scar,
sunk far beyond tenebrous skies.
No moon could find her then,
no matter how it waxed or wailed,
smeared red in October's blood...
... And the pines, they grew -
as seeds do germinate in spring.

From GrimFace242 -- "
I like the back and forth of the red/blue."

GraffitiHe took me on a cigarette run to the train tracks
in his not-girlfriend’s car.
I slipped past the growth he trampled
toward the underbelly of the bridge.
He asked me if I was wearing shorts
and I wasn’t.
From the struts, he hurled rocks like punctuation
to a breathless, incessant combustion.
—“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
But I guess that makes me a hypocrite.
They echoed like gunfire
across graffiti-covered walls,
charting out adolescence,
and ricocheting off my ribs.
When I put my arm around him,
he felt like a landmine.
He was the train that rumbled by
and he said we were lucky it was on the other side.
Were we?
When I saw his eyes like
orphanages—I wanted to kiss him.
I didn’t.
We just sat there and waited for another train.

From TwilightPoetess -- "T
he exploration of missed opportunities is subtle and moving."

SalatShe rotates gracefully.
Today, she practices prayer behind the pillars
near the stairwell of the student commons.
Yesterday she could be seen in A building
by the rec room quiet and alone; content.
Monday I saw her situated near C building,
where I assume she has been studying art.
She rotates.
She rotates because it is salat; Muslim prayer.
When she prays her hijab falls over her face
in small folds, silent folds, worrying folds.
I’ve never seen her hair do the same.
But I push my bangs out of my eyesight,
cursing their constant presence and yet
adapt to my poorly-cut lengthy male strands
and pilgrim on by the makeshift masjid
in the student commons at the college.
I’ve never seen her.
I’ve never seen her rotate gracefully for me,
like an American woman would for a man:
“How does this look? Do you like it?”
She is not seeking validation; rather,
she rotates for herself so she doesn’t
hear the grin of the atypical American male:
“I pr

From angeljunkie -- "
I really dig the movement in it."

DreamsSubconscious leakage ;
Wisps.  Reality is faint,
Colors are soft and deceptive.
I am myself.  There was never any other option.
Surreal, impossible, and indefinitely pure.

From TwilightPoetess -- "T
he piece is disjointed and a little abstract, which is fitting for a poem about dreams."

Please check out our Featured Gallery, which shall be hosting all of xXI-Feel-InfiniteXx's submitted works AS WELL AS the other literature pieces seen here. Please also peruse their galleries for more awe-inspiring finds! Oh yes, and please +fav this article to spread the word!

 Until next time...

The :icontalentedwritersguild: Team
:iconladyofgaerdon:, :iconangeljunkie:, :iconnngross:, :iconquiestinliteris:, :iconladylincoln:, :icongrimface242:, :icontwilightpoetess: and :iconquinnypin:

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