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Here at TalentedWritersGuild, we encourage deviants to select only their best pieces of literature for submission. We look for pieces that simultaneously move us, challenge us, and inspire us as readers; pieces that stimulate us emotionally and intellectually; and the pieces that display true technical skill. To ensure this level of quality, we have judges who consider all these things, and let only the pieces they deem up to snuff through to the gallery. The purpose of this is to push our submitters to excel, challenge themselves, and improve their craft, and to provide our readers with high quality literature to read.

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:star: Previous Admin Hall of Fame :star:

mellowghost founded #TWG and recruited the first panel of admin. #TWG would not be here without him!

OritPetra served as Founder for more than a year, and used her mad lit community skills to increase our outreach. She was also one of the first admin recruited by mellowghost.

nngross was one of the first admin recruited by mellowghost and is the second-longest serving admin, at 2+years!

Emocinderella was one of the first admin recruited by mellowghost; she served as voting admin for more than a year!

angelStained served as an admin for over a year.

beautyinreview served as an admin for over a year.

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Rules and Guidelines.

- 1 -
Above all else, respect your fellow deviants. TalentedWritersGuild is a place for the collection, discussion, encouragement, and improvement of high quality literature. To truly achieve this goal we must all work together to create a safe and positive environment conducive to personal and creative growth. As such, inflammatory or violent behavior, personal attacks, and disrespect will not be tolerated. Intelligent debates and level critiques, however, are warmly welcomed as long as the participating/receiving deviants are open to them.

- 2 -
Select only your best work for submission. All work must be literature-based. You are also more than welcome to submit the work of other deviants as well. If you see a quality piece that deserves more recognition, please send it our way!

- 3 -
Please understand that your work will be subject to a judging process. Not all work makes it through. This does not mean that your piece is "bad." Please respect the judges' decisions and do not harass them. Belligerent or violent behavior will result in banning. See below for a further discussion of the judging process.

- 4 -
Submissions are limited to two poems and one prose piece per week, and two chaptered submissions per month (i.e. biweekly). This is to ensure quality rather than quantity. Anything in excess of this will be automatically declined. All piece must be submitted to the appropriate folder. Incorrectly submitted pieces will be automatically denied.

- 5 -
The only form of literature we will not consider is fan fiction. This is not a judgment on the art of fan writing. Rather, it is simply because our judges are not familiar enough with the vast variety of fandoms out there to be able to properly judge the work. Please see here for a further discussion of the reasoning behind this decision.

- 6 -
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide feedback on declined submissions. This is for two reasons: 1. The work submitted here should be your best. Not a rough draft, not a work-in-progress, not the latest poem you dashed off that your best friend thinks is brilliant. It should be edited, polished, as finished as it's going to be. and 2. The judges are busy people. They put a lot of time and effort into judging each submission, and they also have outside commitments as well. There are, however, several groups around that are completely devoted to feedback and critique, and we encourage you to participate in those as well.


The judges here at TalentedWritersGuild are: LadyofGaerdon, angeljunkie, nngross, QuiEstInLiteris, LadyLincoln, GrimFace242, and TwilightPoetess. This team was carefully selected to bring together deviants with differing literary styles, approaches, and preferences. This has and does promote active behind-the-scenes discussion on the pieces we receive, culminating in a voting process that involves the careful consideration of each and every piece's strengths and weaknesses. If, for example, we are not certain how we would like to vote on a certain piece, we will discuss it with each other, reaching a decision through teamwork, critical analysis, and, sometimes, gut feelings and intuition. This helps to alleviate some of the difficulties that arise from the esoteric and subjective nature of deciding what constitutes 'quality' literature.

To pass into our gallery, every submission, including those of the admins, are subjected to a 3 yes/ no vote. We ask you to keep this in mind if your piece is declined. A rejection does not mean that your piece is not 'quality literature.' It simply means that three admins voted 'no' on it. Two of us very well could have voted 'yes' and, indeed, submissions often come down to the wire like this. Rejection is a part of writing, both here and (even more so) professionally, and we request that you accept this before deciding to submit your work for consideration. If your work is declined, please do not take offense, argue the decision, or behave disrespectfully towards the judges. We make our decisions carefully, and as long as you appreciate that, we'll get on famously.

All decisions made on submissions are final, but we do encourage you to seek out critique and resubmit after changes have been made.

Thank you for your interest in TalentedWritersGuild. We hope to read your pieces, see you around, and get to know you. Take care and be well.


TWG's Featured Member of the Month - November 2014

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2014, 4:14 AM

 Hello, and welcome to the

Featured Deviant of the Month 

for :icontalentedwritersguild:

TalentedWritersGuild is a literature group committed to the encouragement, collection, and archival of high quality prose and poetry works. To find out more about the group, please click here.

 Here at TalentedWritersGuild, we encourage deviants to select only their best pieces of literature for submission. As judges, we look for pieces that simultaneously move us, challenge us, and inspire us as readers; pieces that stimulate us emotionally and intellectually; and the pieces that display true technical skill. When we vote, we consider all these things, and let only the pieces we deem up to snuff through to our gallery. This pushes our submitters to excel, challenge themselves, and improve their craft, and provides our readers with high quality literature to read. 

The Featured Deviant of the Month is a member whose submissions meet and surpass this criteria.   

 November's Featured Member of the Month is...


With 11 pieces in our gallery (both poetry and prose!), akrasiel stands out for her flowing, flowery imagery and the metaphors she uses to tell a story.  A strong, kind deviant, she is definitely one to read--and fall in love with!

Why don't you give one of these pieces a shot...

Pyrrhic Victorialogroll downriver into the cream-stone loggia
on water that runs thicker than blood because
swirled cream can no longer claim white purity
make port in the shelter of the ash-grey portico
on flagstones at the foot of our divinity where
white flags herald grave stones and stonings
indiginent, immigrant
--we are both indignant
   Aragorn's Lament日没時
At sundown
on the plains
horses echo.
In the city of grief
I await my fate.
  Body SociopoliticBody Sociopolitic (6'3" In Stilettos and 122 lbs. Last Year)
7, 8, I can't remember
A group of boys knock me down on the playground and steal my glasses. They give them back by the end of recess.
Skinny legs from dance and soccer.
#1 tells me I'm beautiful. He is three years older and teaches me orthography and the language of my body.
A girl in PE class asks if I shave my legs. Later that year, I start.
The school librarian says I could be a hand model. Wristbone like a burial hill, tendons that flex when I draw, long fingers tipped with long nails my friends envy.
None of the boys at school look at me.
My friend says someone asked if she shaves her arms. Our arms match our thick brown hair and we wonder who the hell would bother.
A girl in CAPP class with too many accessories says I could be a model. Skinny arms, skinny legs. Ribs and hip bones and collarbones poke through my skin.
A boy in PE class from the hockey team
  Lunar EclipseObserve the birds that soar so high
Their wings that stir in endless flight
Like vibrant sails become aflame
And lit below by beacons bright
The moon rusts red in darkened skies
Absorbs the glow of midnight light
A blood moon is too cruel a name
Let rest the stars and sleep tonight
Oh love, stay here and rest with me
Oh love, sleep calm and rest tonight


As part of the reconstruction regarding this article, we are now ALSO including a selection of quality writing chosen each month by the Admin for feature here.

"Word choice and stacatto sentences make this a wonderful intergalactic piece."

son of someonebukowski doesn't do it for me anymore
and I don't want to say it's like
losing a father.
my father would repeat the same advice to me
without my asking:
if you can read and write and think,
you have everything
always hike with more water
than you believe you'll need
chase after love before
you grow old.
I do not believe I was
the son he expected, but nonetheless
I am his son
and it feels good
to be the son of someone.
charles chinaski, henry bukowski
fermented in wine and himself.
preserved in a jar.
I have wept at the faintness
of my bluebird, I have taken
my necktie from this rotten axis.
who here now is waiting to die?
my father with my mother
in his house on the hill.
and bukowski-
drunk and dead
with all his words.

"The internal rhythm and the formatting of this piece takes readers on a journey--and keeps them interested throughout."

if I could go back in timeit all started with a hello that
came fl-fl-flittering from
my quivering, adolescent lips
and then we
into a hypersonic
oblivion were me melted together
in a symphonic mix
of words and the distilled
inks of dead poets.
we g r e w and glowed
and slowly we (I)
fell deeper into
uncharted waters that
made my bones grow cold
and my heart
drown with antic-
when you offered to
show me the very galaxies that
swirled in my faltering irises,
when you splayed
your fingers against
my spine and urged me
toward the dancing
with your soft willow-whispers
against my foolish ears
scared, I dashed away
like a frightened
lamb in the eyes
of God,
leaving your arms
empty and
while my heart
screamed bloody
murder from within
my rusted prison

"The emotional staggerings and the well-planned spacing of lines make this piece easy to relate to."

Dance LessonsDyslexics learning dancing
It’s a game of left and right
When trying to remember
What the difference is
Maybe it’s just my attempts
To put my best foot forward
That causes me to step with my right
When my left is needed instead
After all left feet are the clumsiest
Else why would two of them be so bad
Loosen up – if you can
After all it’s the grip you try to keep
That slows you down when the time comes
Maybe it isn’t dyslexia
That is giving me so much grief
The game of left and right
Is only half the match we play
Maybe instead it’s a more subtle foe
That causes me to forget
And to step on her toe

"The metaphor and rhythm of this poem, paired with the humor of the last few lines, makes this an enjoyable read!"

muddy sheepsuicide boys
atheist brats
unafraid of dying young
chain smoking vandals
waiting for a reason
trigger happy combustion
to tinder box hearts
tea saucers
half lidded and milky
behind burnt hands
counting on the cancer
running, always running
wrinkles and the like
delicate breast bone left ajar

"The short, striking lines of this poem make a powerful statement--you shouldn't ignore this one."

Going HomeLIGHTS UP on LILLY, a little girl who is reading a book while sitting in the waiting room of a Veteran’s Hospital. She’s all alone in the waiting room, amongst the eerily quiet hospital.
LILLY [via recording; spoken to the audience as she reads]
I’ve been here before. This hospital is like a second home for me. Usually my mother is able to wait with me while my father goes away to the examination room for a while… But, today is different. Today was the first time I’ve seen my father cry… He was in so much pain, and was so embarrassed… He fell on his way inside the hospital and couldn’t get up. Ma and I couldn’t get him up either… I ran for help inside the hospital, but no one would help me. They were either too busy to even notice me, or too scared to even help because they were vets with Post Traumatic… They just ran away from me. Thank goodness another patient heading into the hospital was able to help us. But now, I

"This short play will make you reconsider the transition between childhood and adult."

Please check out our Featured Gallery, which shall be hosting all of akrasiel's submitted works AS WELL AS the other literature pieces seen here. Please also peruse their galleries for more awe-inspiring finds! Oh yes, and please +fav this article to spread the word!

 Until next time...

The :icontalentedwritersguild: Team
:iconladyofgaerdon:, :iconangeljunkie:, :iconnngross:, :iconquiestinliteris:, :iconladylincoln:, :icongrimface242:, :icontwilightpoetess: and :iconquinnypin:

Photo by zZToraZz
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mellowghost Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just read the hall of fame section.  Thanks guys!  I'm proud that this group has continued to grow!
NomNomTastic Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
I have a character development story, here :…
But i don't know it this fits within the rules of the group, since my work isn't poetry. This is more like narrative. Can i still apply to the group?
angeljunkie Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014   Photographer
We accept prose, chaptered works and scripts in addition to poetry. Just make sure when you submit to the group, it's to the correct folder. 
NomNomTastic Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
Oh, then i guess this group might not be for my, my stuff it's more like One-shot stories, kinda like short tales but made with my own characters.
angeljunkie Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014   Photographer
We accept all forms of literature, except fan fiction. So. Stand-alone stories go in prose. Novels, novellas, etc. would go in chaptered works. Scripts for the moment are also going in prose as we don't really see enough of them to make a separate folder just yet. And poetry goes in poetry. Really, if you're unsure about whether your work will fit into a group, it's always a good idea to check the group gallery. 
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