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Here at TalentedWritersGuild, we encourage deviants to select only their best pieces of literature for submission. We look for pieces that simultaneously move us, challenge us, and inspire us as readers; pieces that stimulate us emotionally and intellectually; and the pieces that display true technical skill. To ensure this level of quality, we have judges who consider all these things, and let only the pieces they deem up to snuff through to the gallery. The purpose of this is to push our submitters to excel, challenge themselves, and improve their craft, and to provide our readers with high quality literature to read.

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:star: Previous Admin Hall of Fame :star:

mellowghost founded #TWG and recruited the first panel of admin. #TWG would not be here without him!

OritPetra served as Founder for more than a year, and used her mad lit community skills to increase our outreach. She was also one of the first admin recruited by mellowghost.

nngross was one of the first admin recruited by mellowghost and is the second-longest serving admin, at 2+years!

Emocinderella was one of the first admin recruited by mellowghost; she served as voting admin for more than a year!

angelStained served as an admin for over a year.

beautyinreview served as an admin for over a year.

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Rules and Guidelines.

- 1 -
Above all else, respect your fellow deviants. TalentedWritersGuild is a place for the collection, discussion, encouragement, and improvement of high quality literature. To truly achieve this goal we must all work together to create a safe and positive environment conducive to personal and creative growth. As such, inflammatory or violent behavior, personal attacks, and disrespect will not be tolerated. Intelligent debates and level critiques, however, are warmly welcomed as long as the participating/receiving deviants are open to them.

- 2 -
Select only your best work for submission. All work must be literature-based. You are also more than welcome to submit the work of other deviants as well. If you see a quality piece that deserves more recognition, please send it our way!

- 3 -
Please understand that your work will be subject to a judging process. Not all work makes it through. This does not mean that your piece is "bad." Please respect the judges' decisions and do not harass them. Belligerent or violent behavior will result in banning. See below for a further discussion of the judging process.

- 4 -
Submissions are limited to two poems and one prose piece per week, and two chaptered submissions per month (i.e. biweekly). This is to ensure quality rather than quantity. Anything in excess of this will be automatically declined. All piece must be submitted to the appropriate folder. Incorrectly submitted pieces will be automatically denied.

- 5 -
The only form of literature we will not consider is fan fiction. This is not a judgment on the art of fan writing. Rather, it is simply because our judges are not familiar enough with the vast variety of fandoms out there to be able to properly judge the work. Please see here for a further discussion of the reasoning behind this decision.

- 6 -
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide feedback on declined submissions. This is for two reasons: 1. The work submitted here should be your best. Not a rough draft, not a work-in-progress, not the latest poem you dashed off that your best friend thinks is brilliant. It should be edited, polished, as finished as it's going to be. and 2. The judges are busy people. They put a lot of time and effort into judging each submission, and they also have outside commitments as well. There are, however, several groups around that are completely devoted to feedback and critique, and we encourage you to participate in those as well.


The judges here at TalentedWritersGuild are: LadyofGaerdon, angeljunkie, nngross, QuiEstInLiteris, LadyLincoln, inknalcohol, and betwixtthepages. This team was carefully selected to bring together deviants with differing literary styles, approaches, and preferences. This has and does promote active behind-the-scenes discussion on the pieces we receive, culminating in a voting process that involves the careful consideration of each and every piece's strengths and weaknesses. If, for example, we are not certain how we would like to vote on a certain piece, we will discuss it with each other, reaching a decision through teamwork, critical analysis, and, sometimes, gut feelings and intuition. This helps to alleviate some of the difficulties that arise from the esoteric and subjective nature of deciding what constitutes 'quality' literature.

To pass into our gallery, every submission, including those of the admins, are subjected to a 3 yes/ no vote. We ask you to keep this in mind if your piece is declined. A rejection does not mean that your piece is not 'quality literature.' It simply means that three admins voted 'no' on it. Two of us very well could have voted 'yes' and, indeed, submissions often come down to the wire like this. Rejection is a part of writing, both here and (even more so) professionally, and we request that you accept this before deciding to submit your work for consideration. If your work is declined, please do not take offense, argue the decision, or behave disrespectfully towards the judges. We make our decisions carefully, and as long as you appreciate that, we'll get on famously.

All decisions made on submissions are final, but we do encourage you to seek out critique and resubmit after changes have been made.

Thank you for your interest in TalentedWritersGuild. We hope to read your pieces, see you around, and get to know you. Take care and be well.

 Hello, and welcome to the

Featured Deviant of the Month 

for :icontalentedwritersguild:

TalentedWritersGuild is a literature group committed to the encouragement, collection, and archival of high quality prose and poetry works. To find out more about the group, please click here.

 Here at TalentedWritersGuild, we encourage deviants to select only their best pieces of literature for submission. As judges, we look for pieces that simultaneously move us, challenge us, and inspire us as readers; pieces that stimulate us emotionally and intellectually; and the pieces that display true technical skill. When we vote, we consider all these things, and let only the pieces we deem up to snuff through to our gallery. This pushes our submitters to excel, challenge themselves, and improve their craft, and provides our readers with high quality literature to read. 

The Featured Deviant of the Month is a member whose submissions meet and surpass this criteria.   

 December's Featured Member of the Month is...


With 27 pieces in our gallery to date (mostly poetry), jade-pandora examines life in thought-provoking, emotion-wrenching brevity.  An old soul with a penchant for haiku and other Eastern poetry forms, jade-pandora's writing is bound to leave you pondering.  

Why not give one of these pieces a try:

Paradigm ShiftEmerging flash of starlight pap
between sunset and ocean cap
colliding spang into my eyes
for once to have me realize
not everything becomes a song,
and I shall sleep before too long.
our flotilla;  
your cupped hands
the grace of my ribcage
as we drift toward  
the shelter of a quiet cove            
my hair tangles
the valves of your heart
holding you at bay
for a moment
till I return your breath
the children we were  
play together  
share ev'ry secret  
rolling in the grass, always
laughing in our dreams
  Senryu, and How It Differs from HaikuCompared to other styles of poetry under the category of Haiku and Eastern, there is comparatively little published about the more aggressive senryu.
Senryu, whose name means river willow, uses humor and satire to examine human society. Senryu takes on the form of haiku, but makes greater use of punctuation techniques (ellipses, exclamations, etc.) to convey its point. Senryu can use seasonal kigo, but do not rely on them. In senryu, the seasonal reference should be second in importance to the human portrayal. Contrary to popular belief, not all senryu is humorous. Many express misfortune, eroticism, political views (very important), religion & spirituality, and even anger (observational, not overflowing emotion like tanka). It is often bawdy, devoid of the subtle beauty known in haiku. Animals can also be represented through interaction using human personifications.
Originating during Japan's Edo period, senryu reflected both the societal and political turmoil of the time perio
  EternalThis is how you loved me. . .
seeing you in profile,  
a crescent moon  
with hills and valleys  
of your landscape,  
eternal night, and the sight,
tableau of eruptions  
that covered me,  
the whisperings of silence  
from silhouetted ice trails. . .
but I can't say how,
one day, you did
never seeing the dark side,  
and plunder from the Ort cloud;
its tapestry  
changed beyond mem'ry,
this is the way you left me. . .
but I can't say how,
one day, you did
seeing you in profile,  
a crescent moon  
with hills and valleys  
of your landscape,
this is how you loved me.  
  Will I also returnI was young as spring,
and held to autumn's wind
like pomegranates  
in the highest branches,  
before crows hollowed them  
autumn flurries return
with the scent of fallen fruit,
dying leaves
crushed underfoot,  
shelter for next spring


As part of the reconstruction regarding this article, we are now ALSO including a selection of quality writing chosen each month by the Admin for feature here.

prowling phantasmi am
and incomplete.
just like
my words - run on,
becomes lost amongst
the oppressive clouds.
my expression
detonated into denotation,
caving in to the nocturnal hues.
those teleologists
bleeds my life
from their
monotonous eyes.
clinging to their
climatic revelation;
unwilling to pause
their leaden gaze
upon these
mottled shades;
afraid to sing to Truth
of our lone tune - why!
just like
ideas are stillborn
and mothers torpid;
the blame thrown
around, then
perpetually bestowed
on this
prowling phantasm.
i am close,
nearer i go.
i am close
and still
why i am incomplete.

Chosen by angeljunkie
"The word play in this is exquisite; the message only too easy to relate to."

conquestthrow back this Thursday
to a lifetime ago,
when my bridges were too young
to be fireproof
and I didn't yet know the words
for surrender.
you were my Columbus,
my twisted Magellan,
hands hardened and hungry
for any part of me
that could bear your name.
you sought me and wrought me
dead in the water,
every bloody fingerprint a flag
that marked each brand-new territory
upon my skin -
spread-eagled, supine,
I was greener than grass
and you sent your victory marches
all over me,
steamrolling my rugged edges
and calling me all the kind words for
throw back this Thursday
to a lifetime ago -
people aren't supposed to fall
like leaves;
you aren't supposed to pile them up
and burn them.
throw back this Thursday
to a lifetime ago -
before ache upon ache
was tattooed on these bones;
before my voice knew how to beg
for mercy.
and even now,
I say grace when I am called
to remember you.
and even now,
I am naive enough
to still be so grateful.

Chosen by: angeljunkie
"The extended metaphor of this piece is a journey you won't soon forget."

The Execution of Judy MonroeIn glamour, in glitter-infested Hollywood
the movie star Judy Monroe’s almond eyes; coaled melodramatic,
tilt towards the camera.
She weeps.
The executioner motions forward; 
a tall man, no guardian angel.
She watches his movement; spiteful, hated as he proudly glides
to prep for the grand finale.
She prays.
A prayer to God with no love, each lens focused on her.
Black and white replaced by orange overalls.
She was found,
She was judged,
And Judy Monroe will be judged
Until opulence is extinguished and her dimpled cheeks sallow
and her pretty head drops.
She dies.
When the tall man grazes her last touch,
leather grasps her wrists tight.
the poison plunges and she falls before them all:
behold her final bow.
intense silence, 
release and exhale. 

Chosen by: betwixtthepages
"The show must go on.  This piece will leave you hurting."

she is an asteroid,
collisions coiling
through belted dresses
that skim past stomach
and smoothe her flaws
and soothe her faults.
an axis awakening;
bend like this, flex like that,
aspiration reminding her
with angry rotations
that she is still present
in her heavy astrosphere.
she is seeking absolution,
absolut and freefallen
she flirts with the night-
club lights like aurora floating
just out of reach
under an ashen sky
atlas stained with atlantic salt,
there is no hall unmarked
and these nights segue
into self-imposed
she strips her face acoustic
no make-up, no need to wake up
an hour early for this adagio
addiction to adding,
always adding more to her skin
to hide the parts that
gasp and poison her vision
like asp assassins.
be quick or be dead,
she moves so slow.
she measures minutes
by an aftershock timeline;
stunned autumnal by bricks
crushed to powder,
always underfoot
she's stuck between the faults
as they line straight through her world;
iv pie

Chosen by: betwixtthepages
"Word play and space--always a good mix. The flow of this piece is like free-falling."

The Exception, Not The RuleJust let you go.  Cornucopia, meadowlark.  
just let me die.
I'd like to explain,
to eradicate,
and we are excess,
my dear Greyson;
the inception
of waste.
He stutters through
straight tequila
and ego.  
Blurred butterscotch eyes,
scalding alcohol,
delicious pride.
And to ignore the capacity,
sheer magnetism;
the pull of
incapacitated integrity.
I love(d) you.

Chosen by: angeljunkie
"Word choice and diction make this a delicious--and haunting--read."

A Quick One Written After (and for) LehmanToday came the solitary time in my life
when I thought: I have never had a single
original thought in my life
including this one & therefore I shall

continue crafting poems around useful
and useless metaphor How even the keel
of cat, rice, rain and how human me
is like cat me and how rice and rain
are symbols of celebration at the joining
of our bodies Why must we pronouns
think in complements like orange
and lime green What of subtle beauty
signified in powdered snow
atop dying trees Of wolf pups
being born in some meadow
and crying huddled around the carcass
of their wolf mom dead from complication
There is surely poetry
in suffering which is why history's
great poets suffered Which is why
we seem the same Which is why we keep
writing unoriginal and connected A bridge
of same tales told in different ways

Chosen by: angeljunkie
"The flow-of-consciousness of this piece still maintains an ethereal, almost painful emotional pull."

Please check out our Featured Gallery, which shall be hosting all of akrasiel's submitted works AS WELL AS the other literature pieces seen here. Please also peruse their galleries for more awe-inspiring finds! Oh yes, and please +fav this article to spread the word!

 Until next time...

The :icontalentedwritersguild: Team
:iconladyofgaerdon::iconangeljunkie::iconnngross::iconquiestinliteris::iconladylincoln::iconinknalcohol::iconbetwixtthepages: and :iconquinnypin:

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